Heat Streak Over

Heat Streak Over

I have to admit, being an avid New York Knicks fan, watching the Miami Heat go on a 27 game winning streak was quite nauseating at times, albeit impressive. The Miami Heat are no doubt primed for another championship run and with my Knicks weak and wounded, the path may be a bit clearer for them than it may have appeared earlier in the season. My Knicks will be alright, I just hope they can get healthy enough to contend.

Yet tonight was not about my New York Knicks, it was about a childhood team I followed intensely throughout the ’90s because of His Airness (Michael Jordan), the Chicago Bulls. The modern-day Bulls may not be as formidable of a team without their ace Derrick Rose, but they are still worthy competitors as tonight showed. On this night in March, the Chicago Bulls took down the impressive 27 game win streak of the Miami Heat much to the chagrin of any Heat fan. It was great while it lasted but, I’m not a Heat fan so tonight I can sleep better knowing that some sense of normalcy has been restored in the NBA. Good job Chicago!

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