The Man In The Yellow Raincoat

Sometimes the best source of inspiration can come from the most unlikeliest of places. While everyone has their favorite music, books, movies etc. to help them get them through, sometimes the most random event can fill a void we may not have even know needed healing. On a rainy, dreary day at 161st Yankee Stadium … Continue reading The Man In The Yellow Raincoat

Powerful Commercial

This commercial brings tears to my eyes. Family is forever. It's not written or said enough, but family is the true backbone of society. Imagine a world where most people didn't have family to rely on. Family are often the only people you can rely on when the rubber meets the road. Family doesn't always necessarily mean those of … Continue reading Powerful Commercial

Gym Reminder

Without any fabrication, the last few weeks have been pretty difficult for yours truly. Lots of changes and hardships have happened and it often feels like too much to bear. In fact, the difficult circumstances have altered my mindset so much that my workouts have begun to suffer quite a bit... Story Mode: Thursday, April 25, 2013 As I sat in … Continue reading Gym Reminder