I Can. I Will. I Must!

Eric Thomas gives us the weekly TGIM that not only inspires but combines the powerful music of Hans Zimmer Time and video segments of Never Giving Up! We all have our struggles and challenges but it is those who endure and genuinely refuse to accept failure that will survive. Are you willing to take life … Continue reading I Can. I Will. I Must!

Ode To Summer Sandwich Girl

One random summer afternoon, he came to surprise the summer sandwich girl and her eyes lit up like the Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center. In that moment he knew he never seen a more beautiful smile or person. That smile changed everything. Something about the way her eyes twinkled, he saw genuine happiness, created by … Continue reading Ode To Summer Sandwich Girl

Not In The Business of Being Rich [Dreams Series – Chapter 2]

And the Mega Million Jackpot is Now… I can care less. I do not want to win the lottery therefore I do not play the lottery (never bought a ticket). Chapter 2: As I prepare for my trip to Las Vegas I had a dream of winning a super jackpot for millions of dollars. Excited … Continue reading Not In The Business of Being Rich [Dreams Series – Chapter 2]

In A Tidal Wave of Mystery

There are just some works of art that touch the spirit in more than one ways. Capital’s Cities recent pop hit Safe and Sound does exactly that. It embodies everything that I hold true while graciously delivering a very catching and chart topping smash. The song in and of itself is enough to elevate the … Continue reading In A Tidal Wave of Mystery