Learning Series – Foreword


The upcoming section of the blog site is an initiative to share two passions of mine simultaneously, reading and writing. The series will feature synopses and personal reviews of books I’ve recently completed. The entries will also aim to offer some background into why I may have chosen the book/podcast etc at such time. The books will greatly vary as much as my interests are many.

About the Author

Keith Crumpler
MBA Hofstra University; BA University of Rochester; Cardinal Hayes

I am avid learner with an insatiable curiosity to understand and think more deeply about nearly anything, especially history and science. My current career focus is in analytics and personnel management, therefore many of the highlighted books will focus on elements pertinent to continuous development in these capacities . Additional reads I’m also very interested in include: cosmology, astronomy/astrophysics, world history, evolutionary biology and history, alternate energies, self-help, meditation, technological advancements, agricultural, home construction and music history.

The arts: architecture, music, literature, language, stories, writing, are human constructs that make us the premier species we are today. They are the developments that have enabled the advancements we see in other industries like engineering, finance and technology to endure and thrive. The art of writing is a special element of human history and I want to improve my contributions to this history as much as possible regardless of how minuscule it may be in the larger spectrum of time.

Over the last two centuries the world has greatly transformed in the speed at which we can receive information and the amount of information we readily have access to. With seemingly limitless amounts of information at our disposal, it is very to easy to become overwhelmed with nonsensical and trivial data points we would otherwise disregard. My intents are not to barrage anyone with viewpoints or subjective analyses. To the contrary, I hope I can help foster environments where we can share viewpoints, ideas and recommendations, learn from each other. Irrespective of what one’s career or life focuses are, the need for continuous learning is imperative for sustained and continued advancement. Do keep in mind, in my opinion, learning does not equal education. Education is a human societal system with numerous benefits and many systemic flaws. Learning is universal and natural. It should not ever stop, as we can always learn something new regardless of education, age, background etc.

I’m in it for the love of learning and sharing, nothing else.
Thanks in advance


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