The Signal and the Noise – Nate Silver

January-February 2016 What do mortgages, economics, poker, earthquakes, baseball, weather, politics, chess and terrorism have in common? Actually many aspects if we look deep enough, yet the commonality that Nate Silver focuses on in The Signal and the Noise (Why Most Predictions Fail but Some Don't) is noise. All these elements have recent and pertinent instances where pivotal … Continue reading The Signal and the Noise – Nate Silver

Universe, We Hear You

Albert Einstein predicted them in 1915 and on September 15, 2015 they were discovered. An official announcement on February 11, 2016  by physicist and LIGO executive director David Reitze confirmed the detection of one of Einstein's boldest predictions, the ripples in space-time known as gravitational waves. While the detailed physics are far too advanced to adequately comprehend and … Continue reading Universe, We Hear You