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Keith Crumpler is currently a data science/analytics professional in the greater New York City area. He is an dedicated wellness practitioner and also enjoys exploring, traveling, reading, cooking, dancing, kayaking, hiking, and swimming among other things. Evidently, Keith has numerous interests but none greater than spending time with his family and friends.


Originally from New York City by way of The Bronx, Keith is a graduate of Cardinal Hayes (HS), The University of Rochester (BA) and Hofstra University (MBA). His love for learning and growing was formed before he was born as his grandmother, Elenora, raised him while being an educator and entrepreneur herself. Her lifestyle revolved around reading, writing, learning and caring for others, things Keith would unconsciously embody into his own identity as he grew.


Never one to stay in place, Keith was always on the go as a child and often wouldn’t sleep unless he did something active or went for a joy ride. These juvenile antics have fully manifested into lifelong delights for directionless driving, long-distance road tripping and global excursions. In fact, since graduating from college, he has made it a personal aspiration to visit or explore at least one new place a year for life. While his personal affection for exploration has always been undeniable, Keith’s aspiration for sharing these experiences alongside loved ones is greater now more than ever.


Currently certified as a personal trainer and a nutrition coach, Keith knew he had a knack for fitness and health (and eating) early in his teens. He became obsessed with the training and off season workout programs during his football and track tenures in high school and college. Keith subsequently created a fitness program to promote active lifestyles for his college classmates.

As years progressed Keith’s passion for fitness shifted and evolved into a greater genuine desire to help others in all areas of life. From blogging, wellness coaching, career development, counseling, and general mentoring, Keith’s desire to assist and improve the lives of others is his true purpose.

In efforts to further share these passions and purpose with others, he created and continuously revamps this site. As Keith continuously evolves and changes, so will Crump’s Corner.

After a 3 year hiatus — we’re back and couldn’t be more excited!!

Thanks for the endless support and encouragement