Can’t Pour From an Empty Cup

Our cup serves as our being, our truth, our life. It holds our purest and truest energies. Self-love is the principal ingredient that fills most of the cup. Love to and from others are the cream and cherries that top it all off and make life worth it. We cannot give to others, what we … Continue reading Can’t Pour From an Empty Cup

Everything I Ever Needed

Everything I ever needed... In two days, two sets of my closest friends announced they’re expecting. Euphoria is an understatement for the feeling that ran through me. And then…then it all made sense. I knew what I had to do, what I truly wanted, where I belonged. For most of my life, especially my … Continue reading Everything I Ever Needed

An Onomatopoeia to the 5 Senses of Destruction

So close, yet so far Drip! Facets leak. The land is desolate. An arid wasteland of natural and violent doom. Mirages of blue plague the mind. Soil so dry you can’t taste your fear. Boom! The bomb strikes. The Earth rattles. Rubble and debris everywhere. Blood and limbs scatter. Dust so thick you can’t see … Continue reading An Onomatopoeia to the 5 Senses of Destruction

Walls & White Noise

“Without struggle, there is no progress” Silence so loud, it’s deafening. Thoughts of yesterday run rampant while dreams of tomorrow are simultaneously perpetual. Nothing but the sound of keyboard strokes. Sitting, working, waiting. Waiting for something to happen...anything to happen. You try everything to make it better. Nothing seems to suffice. You’re completely and utterly … Continue reading Walls & White Noise