Spring Break

Infamously noted as one of the rudest cities in the country, New York City sure has some bitter and angry people. All winter, the scowl of the masses runs rampant down the streets of the boroughs and no one seems to ever be halfway decent unless it’s the holidays. Yet that first day of great weather seems to generate smiles on nearly everyone.

After dealing with the harshness of winter, people appreciate the beauty that is Spring and great weather associated with it. Even if it’s only for a day or two in April, those first few days of great weather seems to alleviate some of the pains and worries of even the angriest and most depressed people. It brings a sense of hope and happiness that is often shot down with the irritability consistent with summer here.

Early spring in New York City is a time of great renewal, hope, and for a city that is notorious for having some Grade A jerks, happiness. Happy Spring New York!

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