Boston Bombing 2013

CNN Boston Marathon Bombing

Today, April 15th 2013, was a sad day for America. When tragedies like the one that unfolded today in Boston become somewhat of a semi-annul event, we are in a bad place in our country. Between mass shootings, terrorist attacks and natural disasters  the United States has become a land of ‘what next’. The false protection that this nation has shielded its citizens from for decades is long gone and we are as ever vulnerable as the next place in the world. The sad truth rest in the seemingly short-term memory of our citizens. A tragedy like this will undoubtedly affect those involved directly forever, but for the general masses, not until another tragedy takes place are we often reminded of the world we live in. I use devastating events like these to not only point out the evil that exist in the world (which undoubtedly does), but more importantly to continue to ensure my faith in humanity.

For all that goes wrong in the world today, with all the hate and tragedy, I have a firm belief in the inherent good within each person. I try not to simply forget about events like these and continue in my daily life, thankful that I nor my loved were harmed (although I do that as well). Instead, I watch to see the strength within people in the immediate aftermath of such events. I take in the courage and compassion that the human experience is capable of and I believe. This strength  however minimal and short in duration, affirms my belief in the human spirit.

The only problem I have concerns the question of why do we need tragedies like these to display it? Too often, bad things have to happen for people to wake up and realize the true value of life and the blessing that we  have each day. At times, I feel like we are taking one step forward and two steps back. Nonetheless my belief in the inherent good of people is still firm and I know we have the potential for greatness. When we can display this strength and courage during “normal” circumstances, then I feel we, as a people, can advance and not merely expect these tragedies as the norm. We have to stop letting those of evil intents be the ones to reign supreme while we spectate. We must prove that the goodness in many of us is real and strong. We cannot be afraid to spread love and positivity even in our darkest of hours. Stay Strong Everyone —


My thoughts and prayers goes out to everyone affected directly and indirectly in the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing. 

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