Be Humble or Be Humbled

Humble_Man_in_Prayer“No this is your show, I’m trying to learn as much as possible from you”.


How could a 24 year old punk possibly teach or give any valuable insights to this war veteran almost 10 years his senior? Why wasn’t this experienced man not giving this 24 year punk a harder time? Contrarily, he was making the young man’s teaching seminar relatively easy and smooth.

This kind and extremely humble gentleman put his ego, age and expertise to the back-burner for the opportunity to learn from someone who had just a little more experience in a field he was breaking into.  He did not have to accept the guidance and wisdom of the younger man yet he yearned for more insight as a grade school student picks at his believed omniscient classroom teacher.

In that brief hour or so, he not only made the young man feel very competent and proud but he simultaneously humbled the young sir.

You’re never too old or “senior” to learn and you can learn from anyone regardless of age, status etc.

I would like to thank my new co-worker reaffirming these values that may get loss the deeper and more experienced we become in our careers and lives.

Be Humble or Be Humbled

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