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Feel Again [Circle of Life Ode – Gamma]

We live in a world where we’ve seem to become so desensitized and void of genuine feelings that one may wonder  are we really living or are we just alive?

With the innumerable inhumane events that afflict our world combined with our personal investments of energies into entities and beings that drain our spirits and yield no true value, the pull into this proverbial loop of emptiness is seemingly inevitable.

One  true combatant for such emptiness is to allow ourselves to let go, become vulnerable and feel.

A fundamental cornerstone for a quality life lived well is not from our wealth, successes, accolades or even personal responses to circumstances. The not so secret sauce to a truly enriching life is actually  living it. Living life not in the sense of taking breaths, following routines and going through the motions, but living it through the time spent making others’ lives better. Living it through the quality and interactions of our relationships. Living it by allowing ourselves to genuinely feel. Allowing ourselves to feel so much that some times we’re moved to tears.

Moved to tears from sadness. Moved to tears from pain. Moved to tears from loss. Moved to tears from loneliness. Moved to tears from despair. Moved to tears from hope, Moved to tears from joy. Moved to tears from pride. Moved to tears from laughter. Moved to tears from love.

Whatever, why ever or however we’re moved to tears, in those moments, we are really living life. Tears are not the only manifestations of truly living life, but they certainly  are genuine ones.

Life requires balance and to be moved so strongly all day, everyday is should not be the aim. However, if we don’t allow ourselves to embrace moments, to embrace people, to genuinely feel, we might as well not be living anyway.

Embracing our humanity doesn’t start from heroic efforts, or overwhelming gestures of goodness. Embracing our humanity simply starts with letting ourself feel and appreciating life in all its factets.

Are you really living or are you just alive? 

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