College Closure: [The Growth Chronicles – Part II]

The Growth Chronicles – Part II


When we all have our fancy degrees, distinguished job titles, beautiful spouses, children and homes alike, we will look back on the years of the past and reflect. If I am fortunate enough to see these years of the future, I want to look back and smile…Actually, I will =]

Any real growth and personal development requires a significant level of personal insight and understanding. It also requires acknowledgment that you did not get to where you are or where you are going alone. This segment of the Growth Chronicles is addressed to all those who have helped me over the past few years. Thank You!

I recently looked at older photos from my high school and college years and had some good smiles and laughs. Despite all the problems and issues I dealt with during those years, I had an amazing run at Cardinal Hayes and the University of Rochester. I can honestly say that looking back at my college photos especially, I had an amazing time and wouldn’t have changed any of it. Obviously  there were moments and periods significantly better than others, but not for nothing, those were some wonderful years. As I have long come to terms with that period in my life being over, I am still grateful to all the people who meant so much to me during that time in my life.

Special Thank You’s:

Marla: My ‘Mom’. Thank you for being more than a mother figure to me during college. You were the primary reason that I decided to attend the university. I will never forget during our initial interview I asked you what is it like at the University and you didn’t give me the traditional selling points but the honest, hard truth and facts. I can not thank you enough for that. You were a key reason I was able to stick it out and finish. More than an ear and an office of warmth, you are a woman I grew to love very much and am eternally grateful to. Thank You.

Luis: ‘My boy’. We went through so much during those four years. From Hayes to the Roc, you held me down and always was there for me. I know I got a boy for life with you and we’re just getting started. Thank You.

Michelle: My Heart. From day one, literally day one you had my back. It seemed like out of nowhere you became my best friend and someone I grew quite fond of. Before I knew it, you became everything to me and I grew to love you in more ways than one. We’ve had more than our share of up and downs and yet we have made it through everything . You were my best friend and an extremely important person in my life during those years. With the bond and love we’ve developed over the past few years, we can make it through anything and this I’m sure of. We got each other no matter what. Thank you.

Genesis: My ‘Dance Partner’. Who would have know that we would be the eternal neighbors, even from our homes in the Bronx. We have a connection that is very fraternal and real. I know that we are going to continue to tear up the dance floors and, anything else we come in contact with, for years to come. Thank You.

Elaine: My ‘Sis’. The mighty mouse runtstar her self. You were definitely the breath of fresh air I needed when I became too serious with myself and got down on myself. It was great knowing that you were always a text away from putting a smile on my face and making all the problems seem so less important. Thank You.

LaChanda: My light. Thank you for loving me and showing me what it means to truly love someone and have someone love you just as much back. You took me to levels of happiness I never knew existed and made me feel complete. I will never forget the things and times we shared together and you will always be a part of my life in some capacity or another. You are family and because of you I am no longer afraid to show love as I know how powerful it can be. Thank You.

YellowJackets: My teammates and coaching staff. Thank you for putting up with me and my antics for four crazy long years. This family allowed me to continue doing something I fell in love with over a decade ago; the day I first ‘laid the wood’ and got my ‘Bell rung’ (hey it works both ways). It was an amazing experience and most of my best experiences occurred with you guys on and off the field. I learned so many lessons about life on that field. Despite the disgust at the time, I wouldn’t trade any of those horrible AM practices, spring/summer workouts/camps etc for anything. Thank You.

Joe: Thank you for visiting my high school and putting the university on the map. Without meeting you, my entire life would be completely different. Thank You.

Friends: [Carlos, Fabio, Estefany, Andrew, Alan, Angie, Alvin, Yennifer, Kat, Jennifer, Josh, Elvis, Eamon, Tedi, Bret, Patricia, Marlenny, Natasha, Felipe, Eileen, Bryan, Kendall, Marcus, Abby, Sarah, Stephanie, Tasha, Khaled, Daniel, Maurice, Dayanna, Daren, Ani, JJ, Sarahn, Tsion, Jeffery, Nandini, Lorenzo, Maya, Jessenia, Milan, Emily, Madeline, Jacqueline, Gustavo H., Kellen]. 

For allowing me to have some of the best times of my life. Thank You

It was one hell of a ride and I’m glad to have experienced it with each of you.


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