Ode To Summer Sandwich Girl


One random summer afternoon, he came to surprise the summer sandwich girl and her eyes lit up like the Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center. In that moment he knew he never seen a more beautiful smile or person. That smile changed everything. Something about the way her eyes twinkled, he saw genuine happiness, created by him just surprising her. For a brief moment in time he felt perfect…

For awhile, he thought about the summer sandwich girl but knew she would never be back. For he was a fool to let the summer sandwich girl go, but he knew that the time in his life was not right. He knew he was afraid. He knew summer sandwich girl was on borrowed time and he knew time was running out.

What he didn’t know was that it was real. Foolishly blinded by youth and arrogance, he failed to let any real sentiments seep into his mind for summer sandwich girl. He failed to be honest with himself and lost summer sandwich girl.

Long are the days of summer sandwich girl. She is long gone and so is that moment. Life has continued with happiness and sadness running its vicious cycle. He no longer thinks of summer sandwich girl much, for he has grown to accept the lost opportunities of yesterday. He no longer wishes for the days of yesterday for the future looks better than ever. He finally realized that what he and summer sandwich girl had was powerful and special, but it was just the dawn of something better to come in life.

Summer sandwich girl, you are a diamond in the rough, don’t lose that twinkle in your eyes.

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