Not In The Business of Being Rich [Dreams Series – Chapter 2]


And the Mega Million Jackpot is Now…

I can care less.

I do not want to win the lottery therefore I do not play the lottery (never bought a ticket).

Chapter 2:

As I prepare for my trip to Las Vegas I had a dream of winning a super jackpot for millions of dollars. Excited as anyone would be, I actually became quite disheartened at the thought. While I would obviously love to win big, I actually do not want to win too much or win something like the Mega Millions lottery.

As I dreamt on, I began to realistically think, what  would I conceivably do with $450 million dollars simply given to me because I randomly matched 6 numbers on some balls? Would that solve my problems? Would I be happy? While I know I could do such much good for society and myself, I honestly told myself NO.

As great as being super rich like that would be and a lot of my problems involving finances would change, I know in my heart of hearts I would not be happy, in fact I would feel worse.

Do not get me wrong, if I can win a few thousand dollars, I would definitely take that, no questions asked with all smiles, but hundreds of millions of dollars, not so fast…


If given the choice between winning the lottery/hitting the mega jackpot at a Casino for millions or working, failing, learning, growing and earning a few million dollars over the years I would choose the latter 100% of the time.

Anything great that has ever happened to me in life has happened because of the journey not the result. Anything I reflect on and smile about has happened because of the struggle and overcoming it. There is something inherently motivating about overcoming challenges and struggling through them.  I wholeheartedly believe and understand that happiness, true happiness, is about the journey and the process NOT the destination.

Obviously, it would be great to be super rich right now, but what would I learn from that? How do I share my life with someone, knowing I didn’t earn the life I would have available to me? How do I help others follow my path (I teach random luck?). No keep it.

I’d much rather grind it out, learn, fail, grow and share my way to the top because when it comes I know I’ll appreciate it so much more. It’ll mean more.

Will I eventually be rich as the mega million winners or jackpot winners. Possibly, maybe, probably not. Doesn’t matter.

I know I will be financial well off and I’m in the business of creating wealth. Not just wealth of the pockets, but wealth of the heart, wealth of the mind and wealth for others to understand and appreciate their own journeys.

 I’m driven by the process and the journey, NOT the destination.

True happiness in the pursuit of happiness…

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