A Connection.. [Dreams Series – Chapter 3]


Who would’ve know two strangers so close yet so far could end up being so close yet so far.

Ambitions at all time highs and realistic probabilities in full view; he still wonders how it all happened. When did this happen, it sure wasn’t recently and it sure wasn’t fast but somewhere along the line it changed and he felt the connection. A connection to what? A dream? An ideal? Maybe. Or maybe simply a connection that he never saw coming and has since stopped trying to replicate. A connection that was at an all time high a few years ago but has potential to surpass even that high tenfold.  A connection no one can break no matter how damaged it may appear.

A connection like this is not temporary or fleeting, it is enduring, it is permanent and it is real. It transcends levels and boundaries and has been known to disrupt other weaker connections that threaten it. A connection strengthened day by day year-by-year, mistake-by-mistake and fight-by-fight. A connection that was nearly lost but never ever gone. A connection that is making for one hell of a journey.

This connection is a manifestation of love. Not a simple, commercialized love, but a very real genuine, lifelong love. A connection that neither node can fully explain but both know how powerful it is. A connection that can never be replaced even if it were substituted from time to time. A connection you dream about, a connection you can’t believe is possible…but is. A connection no one quite understands. A connection only they can appreciate because they are THE connection.

A connection I am blessed to have and will do anything to keep and grow, as this connection is my past, my present and my future.  

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