Open Letter

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor those who see my writings, see my Facebook statuses or listen to me speak, they may think how is this guy always positively thinking and so into this motivation stuff? He cannot possibly believe all this stuff he spews, he cannot possibly be “on” all the time. He can’t possibly know what the real, day in and day out struggle is to constantly produce this “ideal – never give up” motivation stuff.

That’s where you’re wrong. Every word I write, and every word I speak I believe and live. The struggle is real. The pain is real and the doubt is even more real.

Are there days where I simply cannot go on and want to run in a corner and cry? Too many days. Are there days where I feel utterly and hopelessly lost, lonely, withdrawn and “out of it”?  Nearly everyday.

Every single day is a struggle. There is no happy, look at me make it you can too stuff. My life is in no way where I want it to be yet and I constantly have doubts but this is where the difference lies.

Instead of succumbing to the doubts, sadness and loneliness, I somehow someway find a way (day after day after day) to keep moving forward. Whether it be a TGIM, a newspaper article, a song, a book, a walk or the simple fact of having my feet touch the ground, I get up! I try, I try and try again. I try to help others try for themselves as well. Then I try some more.

Is it hard? HELL YES.

Am I lonely and exhausted as hell? HELL YES.

But, do I ever entertain the realistic possibility of giving up, NEVER.

Do I ever even consider what my life will be like if I don’t follow my dreams. NEVER.

I write what I write, and say what I say because I believe it. I love whom I love and think the way I think because I feel it. I have long given up trying to accept other people’s realities as my own. I am fighting the battles within.

So forget what anyone has to say about your life. Remember why you do the things you do and just keep moving.

Now get after it and remember, even the best fall down but we’re the best because we keep getting back up!

Those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter. – Dr. Seuss

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