What If..

13094707-the-words-what-now-in-a-thought-cloud-or-bubble-above-a-thinking-person-s-head-as-he-wonders-about-tWhat if__________________,

I tend to not live my life according to what ifs. Life is too short for what ifs and every moment wasted on a ‘what if’ is taking away from the now.

However, I was presented this notion from someone very special, which made me stop and examine my own latent what ifs.

I sat and only could come up with a few what ifs, but the three were burning what ifs that have been in my mind for some time now.  As I know I cannot got through life trying to recreate the memories and moments, the three what ifs still remained…

Instead of seeking to brood over the ‘what ifs’, I adopted the policy that reminded me why I don’t have many what ifs to begin with. Instead of asking what ifs, I decided to address these 3 demons with what now.

Forget what if, its in the past (I don’t live in the past). I live in the present. What will I do now to make those what ifs an important step that led to a better alternative for my future?

So next time you’re stuck in life thinking what if, stop and ask yourself what now… you might just find yourself realizing what’s important has nothing to do with the past but with everything in front of you.

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