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Disconnect to Connect

As we are more “connected” to the world than ever before, we have never been more disconnected from each other.


18844__330__I’ve long had a problem with people not paying attention to the people they’re conversing or spending time with. The technological explosion of the last 15 years has greatly intensified this lack of true connection.

A practice I developed over the past few years is called “disconnect to connect”. It is a practice I think to be essential for any true relationship to foster and grow regardless of the type of relationship.

People cannot get to truly know each other or experience the wonder that is the “now” if they are constantly absorbed in the virtual existence that is readily available through our phones etc.

How can anyone develop a true meaningful relationship when one party is never in the now? How can you appreciate the friendships and bliss that is true interpersonal connection if you never make eye contact with the people you are conversing with? How can you ever really experience the social connection that is imperative for human sustainability without investing in the moment?

While I’m not advocating resorting to preindustrial means of interactions, we should exercise more discretion when dealing in our day-to-day interpersonal activities.

Start simple:

Next time you’re eating with someone, put the phones away. Don’t look at it, don’t check anything, simply listen and be present in the moment with the person you’re eating with. Something as simple and quick as a 15 minute brunch break with colleagues or friends can mean so much more for everyone, if everyone is in tune with each other.  Make it habit. The world behind the web will still be there. Enjoy the now with the people in it.

Disconnect your virtual world momentarily to connect with the world in front of you.


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