Summer 2010: [The Growth Chronicles – Part IV]


Ever had a moment in time that just came out of nowhere and was better than anything imaginable, that was my summer of 2010.

The summer of 2010 started out with a terrible ending to the spring of my junior year in college. I did well academically but was in a personal rut I hadn’t been in since the hellish year of 2004 where everything that could go wrong, did.

One early June day I decided to browse my phonebook and reach out to someone, anyone and for some reason or another I landed on the letter M and stayed. As I read through the contacts in M, I contacted a person whom I was close with but grew slightly apart from over the past semester due to varying circumstances.  I don’t know why but I called her and we talked for a great deal of time and just like when we first met, she was there for me without hesitation. We were close but nothing could prepare me for what would happen this particular summer.


Stuck in an internship I’d been in for the previous two years with no excitement nor growth, I felt anxious and underutilized. I was working for a paycheck and nothing more. Sullen eyes recessed from the daily commute on hot summer subway cars. The bustling speed of Grand Central traveling was taxing in and of itself, all for a  9-5 day of boredom, uselessness, window watching and clock counting. My sis, presented an opportunity to me in Bryant Park on an early June day that would redefine my summer.  I had to make a choice, leave my comfort zone for an opportunity to do something completely new and completely alone or waste away slowing in the depths of familiarity. Taking the leap of faith, I accepted a job offer at 26 Federal Plaza to work with HUD and concurrently with the FBI on varying cases. Excitement ran amuck and nothing could tame the joy exuded daily. Ironically enough my “roadie” also landed a job a few blocks down the street a few day later. The setup was happening.


This summer was my first legal summer in New York City and did we live it up! Everything that you can expect and plan for a 21st summer happened. It was simply amazing. The excitement of being a rising senior to compliment the sudden accessibility and novelty that comes from being 21, made every night outing so much more dynamic. After July 4th business really began to pick up with the ‘adult’ lifestyle. Good friends, great food and simply great times. The summer of being 21 was awesome!


Possibly the single greatest highlight of my summer was my skydive trip on July 10, 2010 with my two bros. Detailed in Letting It All Go, this event and trip redefined my life and summer. Everything on top of this was a bonus. Words cannot express the euphoric feeling of that day. Obviously the first person I contacted when I regained access to my phone was…


That summer changed our friendship into something much much more; although, admittedly, I didn’t realize how much until it was over. She became more than my best friend, she became someone I began to want in my life forever. Needless to say we were inseparable most of that summer. She was my little woman and my pseudo summer love. The most magical thing about the summer with her was realizing how similar we were, how special of a girl she was and how much we could share and talk. We talked for hours and hours everyday. She and I were perfectly imperfect in a summer of randomness, fun and pure bliss. From the random visits, to the boat rides, to the river sunsets, to the nighttime shenanigans, we lived a mini dream. From a simple phone call, she changed my summer for the best and without her in that critical time I genuinely don’t know where I’d be.


While that summer had its off days, it was a moment in time that saw dreams of childhood yonder years come to fruition, professional development and risks explored, an introduction to a lifestyle greatly anticipated and a friendship transcended into something magical and perpetual.

I loved the summer of 2010 and will always have it but as with all moments in time, good and bad, the past is the past. With this segment I put a bow on the summer of 2010 once and for all. Nothing will bring that summer back and nothing should. It was a great moment in time that laid the foundation for the even greater days of the present and future.

Ever had a moment in time that just came out of nowhere and was better than anything imaginable, that was my Summer of 2010.

Can’t wait to see what’s next.

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