Lunar Luminosity: [Circle of Life Ode – Alpha]

September 27th 2015 – Thank you moon,

Supermoon 9/27/15. Keith C. With no known element in the world obstructing its trajectory, the moon graciously conceals itself behind the Earth in the phenomenon known as a lunar eclipse. As it poaches in on the Earth’s orbit, this super moon undermines all technological advances and outshines that of the brightest camera flashes and city lights.

The crispness of the autumn air does not stifle any budding photographer’s opportunity to capture this once in a generation occurrence. As the masses line the corners of the Western Hemisphere to marvel at this natural spectacular, we are quietly reminded at how insignificant our daily tribulations really are. How magnificent is it that these other worldly bodies float around this seemingly indescribable realm we call a solar system to cross these specific paths only every so often.

Fate has it that various religions and teachings will guide us to believe whatever we choose to believe in the name of faith, but one undeniable truth of life is that we all will transition out of this form one day and with it will come a great revelation. Our presence is a gift to the world and so we should treat every day, every breath and every person we encounter with the same respect and awe that we bestow upon this Supermoon tonight.

Who’s to say what we will become tomorrow, but as we arch our cervical spines to view these space illuminations, we see nothing but an instance of moments previously passed. We are blessed, but like those lights that travel down to our retinas for a temporary peek into what was, we are simultaneously and equally ephemeral.

Science has a funny way of putting everything into perspective. We cannot explain this phenomenon that is life, but inherently we know that this is something special. And for this brief moment, in this inexplicable space-time continuum, we get to revel in the splendor that is the super moon lunar eclipse.

Thank you moon, for reminding us once again how small yet connected we all really are.

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