Autumn Angst: [Circle of Life Ode – Beta]


Crispness of the air, colors of transformation…the beams of summertime have come to pass. Autumn, the transitional period of new beginnings yet ironically a time to say goodbye. As the closing quarter of the calendar year takes form, Fall allows for reflection on all that was gained and lost. Unwillingly approaching the bitterness of winter, leaves flare for one final dash of brilliance. Gaze as the deciduous petals that have shielded the sun’s damaging emissions take their next journey in the never-ending circle of life. The ephemeral magic that comes now is a once a year event to marvel at nature in all its glory. With the sun shining less each day, the reality of passing time is never more evident. Earthly vessel coverings begin to return to their customary hue, no longer masked by the tarp of sun beaten follies. The seasonal change brings both trepidation yet resolve, with an element of anticipation and eagerness underlying every waking minute. What better way to embrace every second of remaining time with not only resolve and strength but with awe and brilliance?

Sooner or later the Fall of all lives will rear its beautiful head. Let the tears flow, what a helluva season, what a helluva life. Embrace all the harvests of life’s journey with tears of joy for the next voyage is only beginning.

Thank you autumn for bringing it all back to the start. Here’s to autumn in all of its glory!

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