Vicarious Happiness: [The Growth Chronicles – Part V]

Your growth is my growth, your happiness is my happiness.  


As much as I am enjoying tremendous successes, personal growth and development, a great sense of overall happiness comes from seeing my supporters equally successful and happy in their own lives. The older I get the more I realize the importance of these support systems. 

Late this summer my young cousin started college and I was blessed to see her return after a Labor Day weekend home. As she boarded the train, I couldn’t help but flashback to times when I boarded similar vehicles and saw my grandmother & family see me off to University exactly as I was doing then. In that moment everything came full circle. Natural distancing factors like age differences and hundreds of miles are significant barriers in any bond development, yet the love and unity of family can transcend distance and time. It can illuminate the darkest of times and can overcome any obstacle.

Several weeks ago my ‘bro’ delivered a major speech to a younger generation detailing his struggles and experiences. To personally see this man rise out those experiences like a phoenix out of ashes and then relay messages of hope and perseverance to others was both inspirational and empowering. While our blood lines don’t immediately cross, our genomes are still 99.9% identical. As humans of the Earth, we’re much more alike than we are different and this young man is family in every sense of the word. The fact that I am blessed to have this type of energy around me so often is a reason for my continued success and happiness.

A few weeks ago, one of my closest friends posted a picture celebrating her last day of work, closing one chapter in her career while beginning a new one. The image was simple, the caption endearing but the feeling of pride felt when seeing it was indescribable. I was so delighted to see this person continue making her indelible mark on other’s lives while simultaneously enriching her own.

These simple examples are nothing out of the ordinary but were special for me because they reminded me of the importance of living life with, for and along loved ones. While we’re all busy and working towards our life goals and dreams, take a look to remember your support systems for none of us can do this alone. 

The most precious resource can neither be bought nor returned. Share your time, life is nothing without loved ones.

Blood or Chosen,

La Familia Es Pará Siempre

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