Follow Your Heart [Dream Series – Chapter 4]


In the constant pursuit of happiness, there are so many deterrents and distractions, it’s no wonder so many people often succumb to the many pressures of life. How can one possibly stay afloat when constantly conflicted with their own self-doubts compounded with the, often well intended yet subconsciously self-motivated, “wisdom”, guidance, and opinions of others?

The internal struggles are more than enough to combat, the last thing we need are outside influences dictating our life. Stay true to yourself.

Whatever it is that drives you, that which you want to pursue, that which you wish to go or do, with whom you wish to spend your time with, with whom you wish to grow with, follow your heart.

In my experience, there have been times when I’ve followed my heart, and there have been times, I’ve conceded, let logic win and let myself get in my own way. Sometimes we are genuinely our own worst enemies.

Everything happens for a reason and as they should. Even when all other variables flag the innumerable ways things can go awry; look only within, make the decision and take a chance, you never really know.

“In the conflict between your brain and your heart

Follow your heart”


This past spring and summer I was blessed to have traveled the world and country all the while meeting and spending time with some of the most amazing people in the process. The last 6 months were literally life changing and I could not be happier to have had the opportunity to pursue my dreams in so many ways. To all those who continually inspire and support me, whether you know or or not, thank you.


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