To Build A Home [Dream Series – Chapter 6]

What’s Your Why


I’ve long had an incessant desire to be better in every facet of my life. Every day I strive to be better in every way. Undoubtedly there are periods of time when I’m less than great. Fortunately, through the years I have been quite blessed and have been surrounded by people that’ve help me stay the course and keep moving forward. These people continuously enable me bring out the best version of myself and I in turn often try to do the same for others.

However, over the last several years I’ve begun to realize and understand my true why so much more clearly.

For a long time I always understood my why to simply be, myself. Being the best version of myself for me; to live the best life I can. To achieve and make something of myself. While these individualistic ideologies are quite pervasive in modern societies, I began to realize my true why is bigger than me.

Admittedly, I still aspire to have a prosperous, meaningful and rewarding career with the luxuries that come such endeavors. But more importantly, I aspire to be the best version of myself for my family.


For awhile, my family were the ones I’ve known since birth. It encompassed the people I’ve met in life that have transcended the confines of friendship into something more. These individuals will always be my family and I’m trying every day, to be better for them…yet they’re not my true why…

My why is driven by a future that may not ever exist. My why is for children I’ve yet to conceive. My why is for a wife I’ve yet to marry. My why is for MY family.

My greatest personal challenge, goal and aspiration in life is to be the best father and the best husband I can be; above everything else I am and will be in this world, I hope to do right by those people.

While still enjoying many of the joys and pleasures of the now, my why drives me to willingly sacrifice todays for the potential of greater tomorrows.



What’s Your Why?

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