Television All-Time Faves

With Game of Thrones culminating it’s nearly decade long run, many regarded the show as one of their all-time favorites…well that was until season 8. Many fans and critics alike were not particularly fond of season 8, especially the series finale. I am one of those fans. However, I can’t simply throw 7.5 great seasons away due to poor execution towards the end. What Game of Thrones’ conclusion was able to do is generate compilations of all-time favorite shows.

Here are some of mine

Honorable Mentions:

Friends, The Office, The Walking Dead, Mad Men, Black Mirror, Arrow, Flash,  Entourage, Game of Thrones, Law & Order, The Wonder Years, Suits, Martin, Fresh Prince, Ozark, CSI, The Wire

5. The Soporanos

Maybe as a preteen and teenager, I was too young to truly appreciate the brilliance that was The Sopranos. Regardless, the show’s impact could not be understated. It changed television history and the complexities of Tony Soprano as a person resonated in me before I could even begin to comprehend what I complex feelings were. Also, who could not love that bomb ass introduction and theme song? You knew when you heard “Woke up this morning, got myself a gun” shit was going down!

4. Breaking Bad

Say My Name! Damn, who knew a high school chemistry teacher could be so gangster! The transition of Walter White into Heisenberg was one of the most incredible character development changes in history. Breaking Bad was so remarkable, a simple paragraph would not even being to scratch the surface. From the acting to the plot and the details in between. Breaking Bad is and forever will be a favorite!

3. This Is Us

I must like to cry. The big three and the gang certainly have that affect. As alluded to previously in self-titled post, This Is Us is a show to continuously make you feel and feel deeply. Admittedly, I’m a sucker for shows and movies that can do such (albeit it takes a damn good piece) but there are few greater than This Is Us. Everything about this show is relevant and so meaningful. Excited to see it continue its run and what the future has in store.

2. Sons of Anarchy

“Riding through this world, all alone!” Don’t get too attached, don’t feel, just keep it pushing. The theme song embodied a mantra and lifestyle I reveled in for quite some years. There are few works of art that brought me all the feels that Sons of Anarchy did during its original run. This show aired during a very big transformative period for me. I encapsulated so much of the changes and conflicts many of the characters experienced throughout the show, especially ‘Ol Jackie Boy’, Jax Teller. Jax’s deep introspection and internal strife (along with some very underappreciated and terrific musical accompaniments) throughout the series had me locked from day one and never let go.

1. Dragon Ball Z

Do I need to even write the about relationship Dragon Ball Z and I have. I mean, I’m literally a Super Saiyan so there’s that. Other than this being the greatest anime ever created DBZ is truly global and timeless. Words can not give justice to this epicness in any way shape or form, so I’ll leave it to you to live, relive and relive again the perfection that is Dragon Ball Z.

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