This Is Us

Currently my favorite active television or streaming series, and one of my all-time favorites, This is Us is absolutely timeless. The show’s ability to evoke the strongest human emotions from multiple layers and perspectives is phenomenal. This incredible ability to make you truly feel, in so many ways, cannot be understated. Often times, a show has a highlight moment, episode, or even season that is simply “soul hitting”. This is Us is able to elicit these sentiments in nearly every episode.

The characters are relatable and many of us can see ourselves in the characters at different points in our life. Sterling K. Brown (Randall), and Milo Ventimiglia’s (Jack) acting is remarkable and their respective characters exhibit so many values I aspire to further develop as a person, friend, professional and hopefully future husband & father. I also strongly relate to a lot of the personal progress and struggles experienced by Randall and Kevin (played by Justin Hartley). The complexities and development of all the characters in the show are exceptional and the show is very well received from people of all different backgrounds and ways of life. It truly is a show that consistently reminds me of what’s really important in life and constantly challenges me for the better.

Grab your loved ones and gather up, Season 3 of This is Us begins, Tuesday, September 25th at 9:00PM EDT on NBC. If you have yet to experience the magic, I strongly advise you spend some time diving into this iconic experience; just make sure you have your tissues handy😉.





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