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How Do You Define Success?

We can only live our most successful life when the desired outputs of our life are aligned with our daily inputs.

According to the Cambridge English Dictionary success is defined as: the achieving of the results wanted or hoped for

What are these results you yearn for, hope for, continually work towards?

  • Is it the standard American ideals, of having more: a perpetually advancing career, larger homes, expensive vehicles, incessant funds?
  • Is it being one of the best in your sport(s) field(s), line of work?
  • Is it being respected and revered by the masses?
  • Is it having ultimate control over outcomes?
  • Is it experiencing life in service of others?
  • Is it being the best parent and/or spouse?
  • Is it living a life full of adventure, excitement, consistent richness, and novelty?
  • Is it being one with nature and self?
  • Is it a combination of all the above?
  • Is it something else entirely?

Regardless of how you define success, it should be personal to you. My perspective on what success means to me should be irrelevant to what it means to you, just as your idea of success is not indicative of what it may be for me. While many individuals in similar cohorts may have related visions for what success may mean to them; it is important to keep perspective and reminders that despite these potential overlaps and similarities, the determinations and measures of success are a truly personal exercise.

Deeply honing in on our intrapersonal concepts for success will commence the process of self-liberation and reduce the continual negative comparisons of ourselves against other (Keeping Up with the Jones).

Life will continually challenge us and often put multiple interest at odds with each other. However, once we truly understand at the very heart of ourselves what’s most important and where things rank in our life, we can then prioritize our time and efforts to attack each day with these convictions at the forefront of our intentions.

Many of us spend so much of our lives in pursuits of goals and accolades that society, culture, family or others deem “worthy”. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what others may believe, we need to deeply understand what success mean to us and strive for it.

We can only live our most successful life when the desired outputs of our life are aligned with our daily inputs.

Success: the achieving of the results wanted or hoped for

 Identify It, Prioritize It and Own It!

2 comments on “How Do You Define Success?

  1. There are so may facets when you try and define success. There us a huge gap that forms for most of us that defines success for ourselves and how we think others define it. Can we be really be successful if our accomplishments don’r really add value to our own lives or the lives of others? We need so learn from ourselves and our individual paths that we take to achieve success. People lose perspective a lot when it comes to defining success for themselves, we need to keep our focus on the goals we want to reach, but we also need to learn how to it more of a fun ;process during the journey to reaching your main goal.


    • Abso freaking lutely. You hit on a great point that’s often lost, THE JOURNEY. This is something I wanted to drill into more down the road, thanks so much for the comment on that one. Love this aspect because ultimately the journey is what makes it all worthwhile whether you”achieve” or diverge. Life continually changes but how we approach the journey of it all speaks volumes of our general life experiences! Great stuff Jeff, appreciate the feedback 😜


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