In A Tidal Wave of Mystery

There are just some works of art that touch the spirit in more than one ways. Capital’s Cities pop hit Safe and Sound does exactly that.

The record itself is enough to elevate the senses to new peaks but complemented with the original video, and it immediately turns those new peaks into something even greater.

Safe and Sound’s original video, actually premiered in 2010, over two years ago, and it captures the lyrics and tone of the song perfectly. Masterful cinematography vividly juxtaposes the evolution of war with the evolution dance chronologically. Everything from the Charleston, to Desert Storm is highlighted in the music video. The seamless transition of these powerfully historic video segments fluidly crosses generational and cultural bounds in a way that the arts do best.

Its message of love triumphing over all is very “Beatleish” and yet modern and relevant. And the prevailing concept that smiling, dancing and loving are essential to the human experience regardless of the era is excellently depicted throughout the 3 minutes of footage. Safe and Sound, excellently highlights the human experience in a very complex and often confusing world.

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