An Onomatopoeia to the 5 Senses of Destruction

So close, yet so far

Drip! Facets leak. The land is desolate. An arid wasteland of natural and violent doom. Mirages of blue plague the mind. Soil so dry you can’t taste your fear.

Boom! The bomb strikes. The Earth rattles. Rubble and debris everywhere. Blood and limbs scatter. Dust so thick you can’t see your dreams.

Bang! Bullets ring out. Whizzing from every direction. Shelter nowhere in sight. Victims wail. Shrieks so loud you can’t hear your thoughts.

Plop! Bodies drop. All around chaos. Flesh between the grooves of soles. Death with no gender or age pardon. Decay so pungent you can’t smell your life.

Squish! Feet stamper. No remnants of humanity remain. No signs of hope. A reality so unreal. A future so bleak you can’t feel your soul. 


But this is fiction, this is poetry, this is news, this is distant, this is irrelevant. From the posh seats and computers of the United States, these claims may seem true.

However, for millions of our brothers and sisters around the world, this is real life.

As we all sometimes lose sight of what’s really important, let’s try to remember we are so blessed beyond belief. Take care of each other.

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