Can’t Pour From an Empty Cup

Our cup serves as our being, our truth, our life. It holds our purest and truest energies.

Self-love is the principal ingredient that fills most of the cup. Love to and from others are the cream and cherries that top it all off and make life worth it.

We cannot give to others, what we do not have ourselves. If we cannot take care and love ourselves, it is foolish to believe we can truly and fully take care and love others.

We can’t pour from an empty cup.

An old adage proclaims that: “Your greatest test is when you bless someone else while going through your own storms.” This is the type of person I continuously aspire to be more like every day.

Someone who truly loves themselves enough to understand and appreciate their flaws, inadequacies, doubts, insecurities, strength, brilliance, time and value alike. Someone who is not afraid to take chances, fail repeatedly, reinvent and pivot as often as necessary.

Someone who realizes that sharing and pouring from their cup is not a zero-sum game; it is an opportunity to inspire and empower others to do the same. Yet someone who also remembers that while others can give as much as they can, the majority of the matter needed to repeatedly fill one’s cup lies within; wellness, and appreciation for oneself, self-love.

Someone with enough self-love and self-worth to correct or eliminate anything that adversely affects personal fundamental values regardless of other’s perceptions or how difficult or unconventional the change may be.

Someone who knows and accepts that everyone falls. Sometimes the collapse is so rough, one may be temporarily disabled from pouring anything as their cup itself is too damaged. It is in these broken cup episodes, having enough self-love and self-worth to seek change, recovery, and healing will provide the catalyst for betterment.

Someone who sees this improvement as an opportunity to repair their cups with even bigger and stronger elements. Elements that will ultimately allow our cups to hold more than ever before. Yet understanding that often, we cannot heal in the same environments where we got sick.

Someone who embraces their mortality and realizes at the moment, on the day when they take their last breaths, all they’ll have are memories and a legacy. A legacy built and left with others they were blessed to spend their limited amount of time with. With the people who were as excited, happy and grateful to be with them as they were to be with these people. With enriching experiences, both grand and mundane that consumed the majority of this limited time. At that moment, on that day, with those final breaths (and every moment, day and breath in between), they’ll know they have to answer to no one other than themselves.

Our time is limited, use it wisely and live it well. Remember to take care of ourselves, love ourselves and continually refill our cups with meaningful relationships and experiences.
In life, we can only get what we give and we can only give what we have. Don’t waste it.

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