Falling Back into Place

There is something very sobering about Autumn in the Northeast.  Summer’s intoxicating effects slowly dissipate into a transitory period similar to that of a hangover from a long night out. And just like any great night, no matter how long or how memorable, it will eventually end.

Autumn allows for the real to return. Focuses begin to shift, the superficial begins to wane and the authentic begins to thrive. The sobering effect of Autumn is manifested in the weather, the school year, the sports, and culminated in the holiday seasons; the time of year when we often reflect on the year at large with the most important people in our lives.

While the joys, thrills, travels, and adventures of summer are always welcomed, 2018’s version has run most of its course and we must bid it adieu. Fret now, before we know it, Spring ’19 will be knocking for us to wake up and get the party started once again.

Embrace the now, Autumn is one of the most magical and transformative times of the year. It’s like everything starts to Fall back into place. Enjoy

Happy Autumn!

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